LModE-7 - Call for papers

December 06 2020 - Fourth circular

Dear Colleagues,

We hope this finds you and your dear ones well and safe at this indescribable time. Here we had all been hoping that the Covid-19 situation would improve enough for us to ensure the organization of an enjoyable event in Ragusa Ibla, first in autumn 2020, then in spring 2021. However, it seems that international travel may be somewhat disrupted throughout the first half of 2021; moreover, 2021 promises to be rich in events that have been postponed from 2020, although many of them will probably be a combination of in-person and online presentations – something many of us might find a bit demanding, after more than a year in which all our professional activities have been carried out over Zoom, or Teams, or Google Meet, or a combination of such platforms. In any case, we thought we would be reluctant to force participants to make potentially difficult choices between events occurring at roughly the same time in 2021; in addition, and much more importantly, we would really like LModE-7 to be a conference at which we can all take advantage of the fruitful exchanges that occur when we meet in person. As a result, after much thought and consultation with our Keynote Speakers, to whom we are very grateful, we have decided to reschedule the Conference for 5-7 May 2022. We do hope you will agree that this is the safest option at this stage. Please note that

1. The conference schedule is not expected to change: presentations will start on Thu. 5 th May 2022 and finish by lunchtime on Sat. 7 th May 2022; the social programme will also follow the same pattern we have already outlined.

2. Registration fees are not expected to increase; if you have already registered, your registration continues to be valid; however, we regret that, for administrative reasons, no reimbursements can be envisaged at this stage. All other information provided in the previous circulars still applies.

3. So as to avoid any delays in the publication of the proceedings, we now invite participants to submit the finalized version of their papers by 15th May 2022. This should enable everybody to take into account any observations made during the debate, while allowing the editors to start work on the proceedings before the summer break.

We truly appreciate your understanding, and we look forward to being in touch again soon.

All the best,

Massimo Sturiale (Head of the Organizing Committee)

May 07 2020 - Third circular

Dear Colleagues,

We hope this finds you all in good health and safety as we look forward to the lockdown being eased soon. As you may have heard, the situation in Italy is improving, albeit rather slowly, and though the notorious Covid-19 curve is expected to decline over the next few months, it seems likely that the Autumn term will also be based on distance learning, with limited access to classrooms and other services. Moreover, very little is known at this stage about when and how air travel will resume, not least as far as international connections are concerned.
For this reason, in agreement with our Keynote Speakers, to whom we are very grateful, we thought it might be safer to postpone our LModE-7 conference to 2021, with proceedings expected to start on Thu 6 May in the morning and conclude on Saturday 8 May: neither the academic nor the social programme are expected to vary.
Closer to the date we will ask if you wish to update your abstracts. If you have already registered, please hold your registrations for the new dates: registration is closed for now, but it will resume in early 2021.
We do hope you will find that this new arrangement is compatible with your other commitments and that you will be able to attend, but please do let us know if you think it might be problematic, although we certainly hope you’ll be able to join us in Ragusa Ibla!
We apologize for any inconvenience that this new change may cause: unfortunately, this is quite unprecedented for everybody and we appreciate your understanding.
We look forward to hearing from you soon, with many thanks in advance and all good wishes,

Massimo Sturiale (Head of the Organizing Committee)


LModE7: Postponed to 8-10 October 2020

Dear Colleagues,

Given the many uncertainties surrounding the spread of Covid-19 and the very recent institutional ban on travel and public meetings to the whole of Italy, the LModE-7 Organising Committee, together with the Rector of the University of Catania, have decided to postpone the conference to October 8-10, 2020.

Our keynote speakers have kindly confirmed their participation on the new dates, and we hope that you will also be able to attend and present the paper which had been accepted for May.

Both the Academic and the Social Programme are expected to follow the same schedule as originally envisaged.
We do sincerely apologise for the inconvenience and deeply regret the financial and personal costs of this postponement.
Please save the new dates 8-10 October 2020. We look forward to seeing you then!
The Organising Committee
Massimo Sturiale
Marina Dossena
Giovanni Iamartino
Nicholas Brownlees

Registration is temporarily suspended. Please check this space after 3 April for details

Ragusa Ibla, 7-9 May 2020

 Myth-making and Myth-busting in and about Late Modern English

First circular and Call for papers
Sicily, the venue of our conference this time, is at the centre of countless classical myths, and classical art held a special place in Late Modern culture, whether it was to find inspiration for the architecture of its mansions or to seek sublime emotion among ancient ruins. Moreover, Late Modern times also created myths of their own, not least as far as linguistic matters were concerned: it is in the eighteenth and the nineteenth centuries that the myths of purity, propriety, antiquity and regularity were extolled in the works of grammarians, lexicographers, teachers, and commentators. Also, in Late Modern times controversies raged around texts that purported to be ancient, but which some claimed to be forgeries. Finally, modern philology has its roots in the often fierce debates of the time on the origins of languages in general and of English in particular.
            For this conference we would therefore like to invite contributions that address topics like the ones we outlined above, though of course other submissions will also be taken into consideration.
We are very pleased to announce that the following scholars have kindly accepted our invitation to deliver keynote lectures:
  • Prof. Raymond Hickey (University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
  • Prof. Juhani Klemola (University of Tampere, Finland)
  • Prof. Linda C. Mitchell (San José State University, USA)
Envisaged schedule:
  • Academic programme:
from Thursday 7th May (morning) to Saturday 9th May (morning included);
  • Social programme:
  1. Guided tour of Ibla on Wednesday evening
  2. Opening reception on Thursday evening
  3. Conference dinner on Friday night
  4. Excursion on Saturday afternoon and evening
Details concerning the registration fee and social programme costs will be announced at a later date.
Travel information will be made available in the conference website: www.sdslingue.unict.it/lmode7.
Call for papers
Send your abstracts as Word attachments to LMODE7@unict.it no later than 31 August 2019.
Acceptance will be notified by mid October 2019.
Abstracts should be ca. 300 words excluding references; they should include the name of the authors(s), their affiliation(s), and max. 5 keywords. We recommend that your title be clear and that the abstract include the main research question(s), the object of investigation, and – if applicable – how the contribution aims to address the general conference topic. Please note also that we envisage the publication of one or more cohesive volumes resulting from the conference presentations, so we will expect to receive extended abstracts (ca. 700 words excluding references) by 15th September 2020.