Raffaele Zago

Adjunct Professor of [L-LIN/12]

Raffaele Zago (PhD in English Linguistics; National Scientific Habilitation) works as researcher at the University of Catania, Department of Humanities, where he teaches English Language in three BA courses (European, Euro-American and Oriental Languages and Cultures; Sciences and Languages for Communication; Linguistic and Intercultural Mediation). His research interests are in the field of English applied linguistics and include spoken English, register variation, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis and telecinematic dialogue. In these areas, he has published two monographs (From Originals to Remakes. Colloquiality in English Film Dialogue over Time, 2016; Cross-Linguistic Affinities in Film Dialogue, 2018) and several articles.


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Spoken English, register variation, telecinematic dialogue, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis.