Mobilità Internazionale: Borsa di Studio

Università di Hirosaki
Borsa di studio annuale MEXT del governo giapponese 
(periodo ottobre 2020-settembre 2021)
Scadenza per la domanda 27 febbraio 
Gli studenti interessati devono contattare il prima possibile
il Prof. Luca Capponcelli
(Japanese Studies Students; from October 2020 to September 2021) from our partner university.
Scholarship→ MEXT gives a transportation ticket and allowance 117,000 Yen per month.
Qualifications are;
●Applicants must have been born between April 2, 1990, and April 1, 2002.
●Applicants must be undergraduates majoring in fields related to the Japanese language or Japanese culture at the time of arriving in and leaving Japan. Also they must be those who have studied the Japanese language at a university for a total of at least one year as of April 2020.
●Applicants must have Japanese language ability sufficient for taking courses in Japanese at Hirosaki University.
●Applicants must be free from any mental or physical disabilities that would impede the pursuit of study at Japanese universities.
●Applicants must be able to study at Hirosaki University from October 2020 to September 2021.
●Applicants must have high Japanese language ability estimated more than JLPT N2.
If your university has a candidate, please send these documents below by February 27, 2019;
(Each university can recommend only one student)
1. Send excel file and original paper
1-1. Application form.
※Photograph (4.5×3.5 cm, taken within the past six months, upper body, full-faced, uncapped. Write name and nationality on the back of the photograph and paste them onto the Application Form. Digital photographs are also acceptable.
2. Send digital copy and original paper
2-1. A copy of abstract of candidate's family register
2-2. Certificate of university enrollment
2-3. Certified academic transcript from the university the applicant is currently attending (please mark subjects related to Japanese language and Japanese culture.)
2-4. Certificate of your language ability of Japanese or English
2-5. Recommendation letter (To our president)
I would like to ask you to send us all the original documents by February 27.
After finishing our selection in the end of March, we will let you know the result of selection, and Final result (Japanese Government's Selection) will be announced at around June 2020.
This scholarship is for students who have higher abilities in many aspects and are strongly motivated in their study.
The intention for this program is not only for improving their Japanese language ability, but also for learning major field of study in Japanese, submission of a report at the final is mandatory at Hirosaki university.
Student with this scholarship will be also required to live in apartment to grow up autonomy.

See the links below for further details;

Data di pubblicazione: 13/02/2020