Feb-20-2020 Added "Accommodation" Page
Added Registration Form
The Program Committee has decided that abstracts should be anonymised by being signed by someone different from the author(s). To send a signed abstract, please follow these instructions: 
1.   build the video using your phone/pc/camera by placing your phone horizontally in front of the person who will sign or try to obtain a horizontal rectangle format.

2.    the maximum length of the video should be 5 minutes, but shorter messages are accepted.

Upload your abstract in your YouTube channel (private mode, visible only to those who have the link) and past the link in a PDF  that should include the title, indicate whether it is intended for poster or Signed presentation, and the references. Finally, upload the PDF  to Sign CAFÉ 2 Easychair website.
Please contact the Sign Cafè2 organizers if you have any questions about the submissions of video abstracts.
Finally, we also inform you that the deadline has been extended to the 31st of October.